Meet Our Team



General Manager – Xavier Crawley
Director of Service – Rick Nadrotowski
Director of Hospitality – Damian Lomas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Director of Café – Everett Teague
Chef – Anthony Thomas
Sous Chef – Kyle Burwell


Lee Branch:

General Manager – Brian Drennan
Director of Service – Donna Finch
Director of Hospitality – Luke Hobbs                                                                                           
Director of Café- Ian Johnson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chef – Carl Mosher
Sous Chef – Bobby Cooks



General Manager – Neal Hollingshead
Director of Service – Anthony Foster
Director of Hospitality – Keylan King
Director of Café – Hala Fino
Chef – Willie Lowe
Sous Chef – Erick Jones



General Manager – Jeremy Hutchens
Director of Hospitality & Café – Kim Rogers
Chef – Donya Drakeford



General Manager – Don Parker
Director of Service – Rob Thiele
Director of Café – Don Gwin
Director of Hospitality – Tony Wilkins
Chef - Lorenzo Miller
Sous Chef – Jerald Summerville


Patton Creek:

General Manager – Loraina McCoy
Director of Service –
Director of Café – Coy Newell
Director of Hospitality – Craig Everett
Chef – Darrell Rollen




General Manager – Luther Bullock
Director of Service – David Chavis
Director of Café – Kristen Stephens
Director of Hospitality – Jacob Jones
Chef – Michael Harvey
Sous Chef – Armas Wilson